My First Portrait

This portrait was done in junior year at my high school. Apart from learning how to use photoshop in my Commercial Arts class, many students in my class preferred drawing on paper with pencils, instead of drawing with the computer mouse. One of the drawing projects we did, was this self portrait. First, we took a picture of ourselves, from the shoulder up. We then used Photoshop to add a black and white filter to the colored picture. After drawing a grid on the printed picture, we had to make this grid proportional to the large paper, so we can pay attention to each detail. This also made it easier for us to create shadows, and make the drawing seem more realistic. I would say that i spent most of the time on the jacket, since it had a lot of lines, buttons, folds, and a zipper. Overall, we were working on the portraits for about one and a half weeks until the assignment’s deadline. Although, I wanted to add more, I learned that I need more practice in drawing faces.