Final Blogpost For CT 101…It Flew By So Fast!

This semester really did go by very quickly, especially with all the work we have done over the past weeks. I have learned how to make funny GIFs, how to animate, merge pictures, and more importantly, I have learned how to create my own website.

When I first came into this class, I knew that I was finally going to have a platform in which I can express myself, without talking. Through writing these blogs on my personal website, as well as the CT 101 website, I understand more about myself, such as my sense of humor, and where I stand in reaching for my career goals. I do know, that I have to improve my editing skills, as well as my artwork, but I am not giving up.

My first blog is my first GIF, on the CT 101, that I made from a video I saw on YouTube. The boy in this GIF is Jeon Jungkook, and he is a member of a K-Pop group called BTS. When I made this GIF I had difficulty with adding it to the blog post. After making a few other GIFs, I got used to the process. My other posts that include GIFs, can be found in my CT101 category, in my website.

However, the posts in the My Artworks category, are mainly dedicated to my past, present, and future artworks that I have, and will create. I would like to further use this platform to make an online portfolio through my website, so I can keep track of what I have so far, instead of trying to find them around my house. Also, I have mentioned that some works are in a portfolio at my high school, so I wouldn’t be getting those back, so I will have them here. I am very grateful for this class, because I now have somewhere to place all my work!