Trying Out New Things…

I have involved myself in another Communications Technology course at my college. Even though Studio Art is my major, I’ve decided to venture out into more diverse ways of art and expression. My course is called “Principles of the Moving Image”. At first, the class watched silent black and white films. Without any dialogue, we tried to understand the scenes through the actors’ facial expressions and actions. Progressively, we furthered our studies on lighting and animation. Some students took this course because of they needed to fulfill a writing intensive course, and others took it because they were interested in filming, dealing with cameras, and editing.

The class watched a film called “The Cube” directed by Jim Henson in 1969. It displayed a man locked in a cube with no doors or windows. Other people can enter the isolated cube and exit, however, the man cannot. He slowly becomes frustrated as he could not get answers from these random people, as to why he is in the cube, and why he cannot leave it. At the end, there is an illusion that makes the protagonist believe that he has been able to escape this god forsaken cube. However, it appears that he still is stuck there. This triggered anger in the students watching it because there was no proper outcome compared to our expectations.

We as a class tried to film a scene from the film, however, we came to understand that camera angles, lighting, reciting dialogue, and background props are quite difficult to handle. We slowly moved onto music videos that display stories and meaning such as Beyoncé’s Lemonade. Her film describes the phases of heartbreak, doubts of relationships, confidence, vulnerability and much more. We made analyses based on what we observed and understanding the concept that music videos are able to express emotions.

Moving onto animation, I did a presentation on Tradition Animation for the class. Every week a student would do what we call a “Leaders Presentation”. I went over the flip book aspect of animation, as well naming some cartoons that were created from two-dimensional drawings such as “Steamboat Willie”, “The Little Mermaid”, “The Lion King”, and so on. Another student I remembered did a presentation on how comic books transitioned into movies such as Batman, Superman, Spiderman as well as many others.

This class was an eye-opener for me. I came to appreciate what directors and producers have to do when it comes to creating a movie. From the microphones, camera angles to lighting and set coordinating. Overall, I am glad I took this course, it was very interesting.