Birds in the Tree

In order to draw these two birds, I observed pictures of their outlines, and feathers. I then sketched the general shapes with a pencil, and added random tree branches, as well as some leaves. To color them in, I used these Crayola markers, because the colors can easily be blended into each other.

This is the final product, and I really like that the feathers look very colorful!Image result for crayola markers


My First Portrait

This portrait was done in junior year at my high school. Apart from learning how to use photoshop in my Commercial Arts class, many students in my class preferred drawing on paper with pencils, instead of drawing with the computer mouse. One of the drawing projects we did, was this self portrait. First, we took a picture of ourselves, from the shoulder up. We then used Photoshop to add a black and white filter to the colored picture. After drawing a grid on the printed picture, we had to make this grid proportional to the large paper, so we can pay attention to each detail. This also made it easier for us to create shadows, and make the drawing seem more realistic. I would say that i spent most of the time on the jacket, since it had a lot of lines, buttons, folds, and a zipper. Overall, we were working on the portraits for about one and a half weeks until the assignment’s deadline. Although, I wanted to add more, I learned that I need more practice in drawing faces.

My Artworks

Hello! This would be what I want to call a portfolio, and it will consist of some artworks, that I have done from high school till now. I know I have a lot to improve when it comes to making my art look realistic, and painting landscapes are much fun. Sadly, I do not have much of my high school works, since my Commercial Art class required us to leave a portfolio there, and the art was graded as well.

The picture of my home page is a collage of some of my works. The bottom left landscape painting, was achieved by using acrylic paint, as well as a variety of paint brushes. This painting was done in my Commercial Art class in high school, and yes, this was one of the artworks that I placed in the required portfolio. As far as painting goes, I sometimes mixed the paint with water to create a thinner consistency for the water and sky. The paint by it self is perfect for adding fine details in the bushes and trees, as well as the reflection in the water. After i complete each part, i used a fluffy brush with a little touch of water t blend any harsh lines, and this reminds me of how I apply my makeup!

The top left portrait was accomplished by using pencils with different shading values. The standard HB that we use for writing, is not dark enough to create depth when it comes to shading. The darkest pencil I had at the time was 6B, and I kept on running out of it because I used it so much. Also, charcoal was used to shade in the jacket and the hair. The charcoal went on dark when I drew with it, but it became lighter when I blended it, which created a subtle contour and highlight effect on the face. These same methods were used for creating the still life drawing at the bottom right of the picture. Both of these shading drawing were done at the Drawing I course at York College CUNY.

The anime looking dude at the top right of the picture, was inspired by Master Chief of the video game series, Halo. This little drawing was made on a birthday card for a family friend. Anyway, the only games I played of the series so far are, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 3 Odst, Halo Reach, and Halo 4. I admit that I was obsessed with this game series until Halo 5 Guardians dropped, which ended in a cliff hanger, is Cortana evil, or out to save humanity? The drawing was achieved by taking some parts of Master Chief’s armor, along with his sword, and added an anime inspired facial structure with hair, and a peace sign. Just before I give a little back story for those who are curious, I just want to give a disclaimer, because this is just my take on the story of Halo and Master Chief. Do not take my word, as this is just what I understood so far while playing the game. Master Chief’s only partner in crime is Cortana, who is not a real person, but an AI. she is created to replicate young AI version of Dr. Halsey. Master Chief’s real name is John, and he was a child when Dr. Halsey turned into a weapon, I still do not understand her true intention for using John. Whether or not I’m right about the true story of Halo, but this is just from what I think it is.